'The Masked Singer': Robopine ditches the quills, makes fast and furious exit

Erin Jensen

Spoiler alert! The following contains details from the May 5 episode of Fox's "The Masked Singer," including the identity of the unmasked celebrity.

"Masked Singer" host Nick Cannon experienced a blast from the past Wednesday during the showdown of "The Spicy 6" (dubbed so as the airing coincided with Cinco de Mayo). The mention of his former flame, the legendary Mariah Carey, turned up the heat for the emcee. 

The show also spiced things up by adding a guest panelist to the show's usual in-house investigators. "This Is Us" star (and singer) Chrissy Metz joined Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke.

The singing competition also introduced a "Mind Reader," following each contestants' performance, which "scanned" their brains to reveal an additional clue in an X-ray-like image. (If only the machine could tell us who is beneath the masks…)

Here's how the night played out.

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The opposite of abominable Yeti 


Clues: Yeti revealed that he has children in a clue package that also featured chocolate ice cream cones and a panda bear. 

Onstage he pulled off a high-energy performance of Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock's "It Takes Two," which he ended with the splits. The "Mind Reader" then revealed that Yeti had corn on the cob on the brain.

Guesses: For Jeong, the signs pointed to action star Vin Diesel. Metz guessed musical artists Trey Songz or Miguel.

Robopine relives tough upbringing


Clues: Speaking candidly, the souped-up porcupine shared that during his childhood his family relied on food stamps, adding that "it was a constant struggle." How things have changed for Robopine. Now, there's "a theme park ride based on a project I had been a part of," he said.

After he sang Boyz II Men's "Water Runs Dry," the "Mind Reader" showed a light bulb beneath Robopine's spiky noggin. "I'm just not hurting for ideas," he said. "I'm addicted to creativity."

Guesses: McCarthy thought of "Light It Up" film stars Usher and Forest Whitaker, while Scherzinger believed the incognito star to be singer/actor Tyrese Gibson, also a popular theory on the Internet. Metz suspected "Can't Let It Show" singer Tank.

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Cluedle-Doo intercepts Piglet's scan


Clues: Piglet shared with viewers he has a birthmark on his head that is "shaped like an apple." (Perhaps it's why he wears the hat.) His clue package also highlighted vampire teeth and four gold bars.

Following his soulful rendition of Phil Collins' "Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)," the panel expected to get Piglet's "Mind Reader" clue, but Cluedle-Doo had other plans. He hijacked the scan but also gave us insight on Piglet's identity. "I've been following this guy's career since he caught touchdowns from Dan Marino," Cluedle-Doo said.

Guesses: Jeong and Thicke thought of "Twilight" star Taylor Lautner. Scherzinger had boy banders, Brian Littrell, from Backstreet Boys, and Nick Lachey, from 98 Degrees, on her mind. McCarthy thinks Scherzinger is getting warm with Lachey, and we agree. And, what do ya know, there's a pic of Lachey with Marino and "Masked Singer" host Nick Cannon at MTV's Rock N’ Jock Super Bowl in 2004.

Black Swan has Mariah on her mind

Black Swan

Clues: Black Swan's clue package highlighted objects that when put together paint an interesting picture: an umbrella, "Swan Kissed Soda," and the state of New Hampshire.

After she put her own spin on Stevie Wonder's "Do I Do," Black Swan provided quite the humorous moment with her "Mind Reader" reveal. The challenger had the living legend, Mariah Carey, on her mind. What makes this fun, of course, is that Carey was married to Cannon from 2008-2016. (They share twins Moroccan and Monroe, 10.)

"Uh-oh, Nick," Scherzinger teased, causing Cannon to giggle. "This is awkward," the Pussycat Doll added.

"That's exactly what's on my mind as well," Cannon said. "There's a few others with her, but she in there."

Swan said, "For the record, I'm a huge fan of hers."

"Me too!" Cannon interjected.

Swan continued: "So passing her record one time was just one of the biggest moments of my entire life."

"I beat her in Connect 4 one time," Cannon bragged.

Guesses: Thicke speculated Black Swan could be "TiK ToK" singer Kesha, and Jeong thought of Metz's "This Is Us" co-star, Mandy Moore. Metz unknowingly brought up another one of Cannon's exes, his "Love Don't Cost a Thing" co-star, Christina Milian.

"If – nevermind," Cannon started before trailing off.

"That's in his mind too," Scherzinger quipped. 

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We're falling for Russian Dolls' 'Shallow'

Russian Dolls

Clues: Some of the Russian Dolls shared the heartache of their childhoods. "Growing up, we were laughed at," one said. "Even the way we looked was criticized, like we could help it."

This week, the Russian Dolls performed "Shallow" by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, offering the audience a simple yet beautiful performance.

The Russian Dolls' "Mind Reader" clue alluded to the ever-changing number of their group, using an image of a kangaroo. "Just like a kangaroo with its joeys, you never know how many of us are gonna pop out."

Guesses: McCarthy and Thicke felt confident in selecting "MMMBop" singers Hanson. Jeong thought the dolls could be Nickelback's lead singer Chad Kroeger and "Sk8er Boi" artist Avril Lavigne.

Chameleon Bustas out another hot one


Clues: Chameleon had to adapt as "a military kid" as he was constantly on the move. His clue package highlighted brownies for sale and a boat captain's hat.

His performance of "Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See" by Busta Rhymes lit up the stage, thanks to his glowing costume. His "Mind Reader" clue focused on fashion and showed a high-top sneaker. "This clue should take you a step in the right direction, or maybe the left," Chameleon teased.

Guesses: Jeong went with "Go Crazy" rapper Young Thug, and Scherzinger suspected the one and only D-O double G, Snoop Dogg.

Robopine pricked by elimination

This week's elimination revealed Robopine's time in the competition had come to an end. Before taking off his quills, the panels' first thoughts were revealed and their final guesses were given.

Tyrese Gibson, left, and host Nick Cannon.

Initially, Jeong, McCarthy and Scherzinger were all on the same page: suspecting Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx was in the suit. McCarthy stuck with her first instinct, while Scherzinger swapped her guess for Tyrese, a hunch Metz endorsed. Jeong settled on "Blade" star Wesley Snipes. Thicke abandoned "Pony" artist Ginuwine for actor Terrence Howard.

Robopine was revealed to be none other than actor/rapper Tyrese Gibson.

The star said participating in the show gave him a chance to bond with his kids.

"You know when you have two daughters, you look for those moments to sit in front of the TV and do something fun as a family," he said. "So here I am now with a Robopine outfit on."

"Amazing!" McCarthy said. "What a good dad!" complimented Metz.

Episodes of "The Masked Singer" can be viewed on Fox's website.