Bo Porter: Remembering our coach and our friend 'Coach E'

Bo Porter
Special to the Register

Editor’s Note: Bo Porter was a standout football and baseball player at Iowa. Porter later became a Major League manager for the Houston Astros and now works in the Atlanta Braves’ front office.

Bobby Elliott and Bo Porter meet up in Iowa on June 16.

To Our Beloved "Coach E":

"Coach E" Bob Elliott was a special part of my life as a coach, mentor and, most importantly, a friend. He was a father figure when I needed it most. "Coach E" could be called upon in any situation and was never too busy to help anyone, regardless of circumstances.

Beyond all that which "Coach E" provided us individually and collectively, he will leave behind a legacy that will last forever in the countless number of lives he touched. He was committed to excellence and positivity. His goal was always to bring out the absolute best in everyone with whom he had the opportunity to interact.

Bo Porter and Bobby Elliott together in 1999.

"Coach E" could see potential in people and was often able to instill a sense of hope in those whose lives he touched. He taught so many people to be responsible for ensuring a positive, sustainable future. He wanted everyone to be a responsible citizen and respected member of their community. He led by example!

The passion with which "Coach E" used to enrich the lives of Iowa Hawkeye student-athletes and countless others is why I can truly say, "Coach E" is the greatest coach I ever had. His life is a blueprint to us all of what it truly means to be fully committed to impacting the lives of student-athletes and growing a community filled with excellence, wherever you are in the world.

While I often did so privately and regularly, today I publicly salute you "Coach E" Bob Elliott. The many life lessons and experiences you have shared with me will never be forgotten.

Bo Porter visits Bobby Elliott in Iowa on June 16.

Thank you for sharing your light with us all. I will always love and cherish the memories you have provided. I thank God for blessing me with the man who helped me become a man! Rest well, my dear friend and beloved Coach!

With the highest praise, honor, love, and respect,

Bo Porter

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