Fran McCaffery defends Woodbury, says Dakich 'crossed the line'

Chad Leistikow

MADISON, Wis. – Iowa basketball coach Fran McCaffery staunchly defended one of his players Tuesday night against the comments of ESPN analyst Dan Dakich.

Frank Kaminsky, right, and Adam Woodbury battle during Tuesday's game.

Dakich called center Adam Woodbury "gutless" during the broadcast of No. 6 Wisconsin's 82-50 win over Iowa. Dakich thought Woodbury used his fingers to intentionally gouge the eyes of Badger players Frank Kaminsky and Nigel Hayes and called for the 7-foot-1 center to be suspended.

"Danny Dakich is completely out of line," McCaffery said on his way out of the Kohl Center. "He crossed the line. He is out of line. He is not right. It was an accident. Adam Woodbury would never, ever, ever do that. Ever do that."

Later Dakich responded to a Vine of Woodbury's alleged finger-pokings on Twitter.

"I'm not even a little 'out of line'," Dakich tweeted.

Wisconsin coach Bo Ryan dismissed the issue when questioned about it, as did Kaminsky.

"It happens during the game," Kaminsky said. "I've had much worse happen. I'm not thinking anything about it."