Hawk Central Podcast: 3 unfiltered hours with Iowa offensive coordinator Brian Ferentz

Chad Leistikow
Hawk Central
Brian Ferentz is entering his fifth year as Iowa's offensive coordinator and 10th season as a Hawkeye assistant since his time with the New England Patriots from 2008 to 2011. Ferentz was born in Iowa City, attended City High School and also played offensive line for the Hawkeyes in the early 2000s.

Back in mid-June, Iowa assistant coach Brian Ferentz made his first appearance on the Hawk Central radio show since September 2019. At the time, we maybe got through half the topics on my list. Off the air, Ferentz said he would be happy to continue the conversation during one of the staff’s few low-key weeks in late July. And as promised, that podcast happened and is here.

What follows is 3 hours, 12 minutes of authentic, behind-the-curtains Iowa football conversation with the Hawkeyes' fifth-year offensive coordinator. I don’t want to tease it much more than that. There's a good chance it'll get your football juices going as the Hawkeyes get set to report to fall camp Thursday. Quite honestly, it was the most insightful football interview with an Iowa coach of my career. If you enjoy the conversation, please share it with your Hawkeye friends and family.

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One more thing: Be aware there is some explicit language used during the conversation. Parental discretion is advised.

For a direct link to the podcast, click here. Or, just hit the play button below and enjoy!