Video: North Florida coach says Iowa players need 'thicker skin'

Chad Leistikow

IOWA CITY, Ia. -- North Florida coach Matthew Driscoll launched into an epic psycho-analysis of the Iowa basketball program after Monday night's 80-70 loss to the Hawkeyes.

Driscoll, whose team won at Purdue on Dec. 6, is a friend of Iowa coach Fran McCaffery's. He's also a tireless preparer of games. In watching video on the Hawkeyes (McCaffery said afterward he wouldn't be surprised if Driscoll watched every Iowa game twice to gear up for this matchup), Driscoll found what he thought was wrong with Iowa's shooting woes.

Unprompted, he offered precise suggestions on how Iowa can improve on its shooting. The Hawkeyes entered the game ranked 272nd in Division I basketball at 40.9 percent.

"Here's your problem with your guys," Driscoll told the Iowa media. "They get down when they miss a shot. … Your guys have to get a little bit thicker skin and understand, 'I'm going to miss some shots. But I can't let it affect the next one.' "


Jarrod Uthoff needs to either decide to shoot threes or post up. Aaron White needs to dunk on guys. Peter Jok is just an OK shooter but has a nice mid-range game. Mike Gesell needs to be more aggressive early in the shot clock. And Gabe Olaseni? "It doesn't matter. I love that kid. That kid's a beast."

The analysis ended with hope. Iowa has all the tools, he said, if it can fix the shooting thing.

"Because of that," Driscoll said, "I think you guys are dangerous."