IOWA CITY, Ia. -- Iowa basketball coach Fran McCaffery made a cameo appearance in the dance video featuring Iowa State coach Fred Hoiberg.

That video, part of the Infiniti Coaches' Charity Challenge sponsored by the NCAA and ESPN, features Hoiberg's dancing skills. At the end of the video, McCaffery is shown taking off his warm-up pants and saying, "Hoiberg, it's on."


Iowa coach part of Hoiberg's viral dance video for charity.

McCaffery said Wednesday that it took 15 takes to get his appearance the way the directors wanted. He said his line was also changed several times. McCaffery and Pittsburgh coach Jamie Dixon had brief appearances, but Hoiberg was the star of the show.

"We got the script prior to flying over there (Detroit, Mich.) to do the commercial,"McCaffery said. "I read it. I'm trying to figure out, 'OK, am I going to be dancing or not?' So we called up and said, "Do you expect me to dance?' 'No, you're not dancing, Fred is dancing.' Fred showed up. He had never seen the script. He didn't even know he was going to have to dance. Jamie and I are like, 'You didn't see it?' He said, 'No.' "

McCaffery said Hoiberg worked with a choreographer for an hour, getting his routine down.

" Fred was sopping wet, sweating," McCaffery said, adding, "(He) had no idea what was going to happen when he showed up in Detroit. So he was a really good sport about it, I thought, and did a really good job. He was all-in."