McCaffery blasts Dakich with another salvo

Rick Brown

Iowa basketball coach Fran McCaffery teed off on ESPN analyst Dan Dakich during his weekly radio show Wednesday.

This came a day after Dakich called out Iowa center Adam Woodbury and accused him of intentionally poking Wisconsin players Nigel Hayes and Frank Kaminsky in the eye during the Badgers' 82-50 victory at the Kohl Center.

Dakich called Woodbury's actions gutless and cowardly. Woodbury denied his actions were intentional on Wednesday, but McCaffery said that misses the point of the whole debate.

"Dan Dakich is so far out of line," McCaffery said on his radio show. "He's just lost it on this one. He doesn't know Adam Woodbury. For him to say the reprehensible things he said about an amateur athlete, it's inexcusable. Absolutely inexcusable that his network would allow him to say those kinds of things about a guy he doesn't know."

McCaffery was just getting started.

"For him to call Adam Woodbury a coward and gutless is inexcusable," McCaffery said.

Dakich also said during Tuesday's telecast that it was up to McCaffery to stop his players doing the kind of things he accused Woodbury of doing.

"I don't appreciate him saying anything about what I should do," McCaffery said. "He's a TV guy. If he was a coach, he'd be coaching. I should tell him to go buy some lottery tickets. He'd have a better chance to win the lottery than to ever in any way recommend what I should do with my player and my team."

McCaffery called Woodbury "my guy," and said he'd go to war with his junior center any day.

"He (Dakich) owes Adam Woodbury and Adam Woodbury's family an apology for how he attacked that kid so maliciously," McCaffery said. "And I'm really disappointed in him, I'll tell you that."

McCaffery was rolling at this point.

"This isn't Kobe Bryant," McCaffery said. "He makes $180 million. Want to tee off on him, go ahead. He's a big boy. These are amateur athletes. And (Dakich) has no right to attack that kid that way. No right at all."

McCaffery, who declined to appear on Dakich's Indianapolis radio show Wednesday, said he's had a positive relationship with the former Indiana player and college coach.

"I don't have a problem with him," McCaffery said. "But start attacking my guys, then we have a problem."