Rick Carlisle comments on former Hawkeye Jarrod Uthoff's game... and eating habits

Aaron Young

Jarrodd Uthoff is on his second straight 10-day contract with the Dallas Mavericks. That typically tells you that you're doing a good job, Dallas head coach Rick Carlisle said.

Jarrod Uthoff of the Dallas Mavericks passes the ball against the Toronto Raptors on March 13, 2017 at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

But Uthoff's eating habits might surprise you as it did Carlisle, who told reporters last Monday that the former Hawkeye has been "very creative on the road with his food situation."

"I saw him in Toronto at a convenience store and he was buying a loaf of bread and some deli meat and was getting ready to make sandwiches for the next three days," Carlisle said, per the Dallas Morning News.

Carlisle said he offered to buy Uthoff his food, but the clerks had "already swiped his card." Rather than imagining the tone of voice Carlisle had when explaining this to reporters on Monday, take a look for yourself:

Prior to joining the Mavericks, the 6-foot-9 Cedar Rapids native played in the NBA D-League and was performing well with the Fort Wayne (Ind.) Mad Ants. Carlisle called Uthoff a "good prospect," per the Dallas Morning News.

"He's deceptively tall and long, shoots the ball very well and somehow or the other he has very good shot-blocking numbers for a guy who is not a center. He's just got a good sense for timing and uses his length well. We haven't had very many opportunities to see him play because we're pretty healthy now, but we're looking at him closely every day.

"... And guys who are trying to earn their way, they have to learn how to be resourceful and frugal."

Uthoff and the Mavericks (30-40) hosts the Los Angeles Clippers (43-29) at 7:30 p.m. Thursday.

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