LISTEN: Hear the 'negative remarks' that had Iowa broadcaster Gary Dolphin apologizing Tuesday night

Danny Lawhon
Hawk Central

Iowa athletics play-by-play broadcaster Gary Dolphin drew attention for remarks regarding recruiting and on-court play made during Tuesday night's 69-68 men's basketball victory against Pittsburgh that he thought were off-air.

Gary Dolphin, right, and Bobby Hansen call the Hawkeyes' game against Stetson at Carver-Hawkeye Arena on Monday, Dec. 5, 2016.

Here is the one-minute snippet of Dolphin and color analyst Bobby Hansen, compiled and edited by KXNO-AM radio producer Sean Roberts. Listen below.

Here is a partial transcription of the most salient portion of the audio, beginning at the 18-second mark of the 67-second clip:


GARY DOLPHIN: How do we not get anybody like that? ... It's just year after year after year, go get a quality piece like that. Just get one! They've got three or four, (coach Jeff Capel's) first year.

BOBBY HANSEN: Oh, I'm sure he knows where they're at. Duke.

DOLPHIN: Yeah. True.

HANSEN: Handling all of that.

DOLPHIN: We get (guard) Maishe Dailey. (3-second pause) Dribbles into a double-team with his head down. God. (4-second pause) Three pure freshmen (for Pittsburgh).


DOLPHIN: Yeah. And they're both in ... two of them are in double figures (in the first half).

HANSEN: I like (Xavier) Johnson.

DOLPHIN: Oh, man. I like (Trey) McGowens, too.

HANSEN: He went to Hargrave Military (Academy in Virginia), wasn't he?

DOLPHIN: Yeah, he was the one at Hargrave.



Dolphin made himself available to local media after the game, apologizing for and explaining the comments. He also mentioned he apologized on-air during the second half.

“We want them to win so bad,” Dolphin said in an interview about an hour after the game, “(that) sometimes we get frustrated when they’re not playing well in certain stretches.”

"... Whatever I said, I said. We apologized for it (on air). I’ll move on and deal with it,” Dolphin said. “I don’t know what else to tell you.

“I understand if Coach (Fran McCaffery) is upset. We’ll smooth it over and move on."

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The comments drew a response from Iowa athletics director Gary Barta late Tuesday night.

“I have been made aware that our Learfield Sports broadcast team was heard during a timeout making negative remarks in regards to Iowa’s play and players (during the game). … I have requested a copy of the broadcast from Learfield and will evaluate the comments once I have the opportunity to listen to the audio.”