Iowa star Luka Garza has tooth jarred loose, returns to game: 'I'll do anything for this team'

Iowa standout Luka Garza has had his share of hockey injuries this season. 

That now includes a loose tooth from an inadvertent elbow from teammate Joe Wieskamp late against Iowa State. was originally told by Iowa staff that Garza lost the tooth, but Fran McCaffery said in the post-game that the tooth was jarred loose and pushed back. 

Wieskamp's elbow came down on Garza's face and Garza writhed in pain on the Hilton Coliseum court during Iowa's 84-68 win. 

"I thought I lost it at first. Someone said they saw it on the ground. So I was kind of freaking out a little bit," Garza said. "But the tooth stayed on strong, and I'm going to get it checked out, to see if I need to get a root canal and put in a fake one or if they'll be able to adjust this one and keep it in for me."

Garza re-entered the game and finished with 21 points and 11 rebounds.

Last month in a game against Texas Tech Garza took an inadvertent shot from an opponent and emerged with blood pouring from his face. He needed four stitches to his upper lip. He also returned to the court in that victory.

Garza said that injury was more painful.

"I didn't have to get stitches for this and stitches were a lot more pain. I didn't take a painkiller so you feel that needle going in and out, that doesn't feel too great," he said. "I'll do anything for this team. That's my commitment."

Garza said he has caught plenty of teammates and opponents with elbows over the years. He said Wieskamp apologized. But Garza understood. It's part of the game.

Especially for him.