Ferentz unhappy with refs' work on two-point attempt

Andrew Logue
Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz disagrees with officials during Saturday’s game against Wisconsin.

IOWA CITY, Ia. – A pair of two-point conversion attempts altered the course of Saturday's Iowa-Wisconsin thriller.

The Hawkeyes were successful on the first (a Jordan Canzeri run), making it a one-possession game, 19-11 in the third quarter.

A second bid failed when the Badgers surrounded intended receiver Jacob Hillyer, enabling them to maintain a 19-17 advantage with 11:10 remaining in the fourth quarter.

One similarity: Iowa coaches were not pleased with where officials placed the ball.

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"Yeah, it was just a miscommunication," Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz said. "We tried to signal to get the ball over on the left side, and I thought that had been communicated."

Evidently, not well enough.

"Then, the next thing I know, it was in the middle," Ferentz continued. "So in retrospect, I wish I had come down the sideline and maybe talked to one of the officials on our boundary and tried to get that corrected."

Once order was restored, Rudock rolled to his right, hoping to even the score.

Instead, the Badgers filled passing lanes and began closing in on the Hawkeye quarterback.

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"They dropped into zone," Rudock said. "I tried to get around the corner, throw it to Hillyer. He had great leverage, but then the way the backer kind of snuck underneath him, I didn't feel confident with that throw. So I tried to stretch it out a little bit longer."

The ball fell incomplete. By the time Iowa regained possession, Wisconsin was up 26-17.

"Somehow," Ferentz said, "we've got to find a little better communication."