Melvin Gordon is all about winning games

Andrew Logue
Wisconsin running back Melvin Gordon flips the football to the official after scoring Saturday at Kinnick Stadium.

IOWA CITY, Ia. – Not only is Melvin Gordon speedy, he's also selfless.

When the Wisconsin tailback arrived at Kinnick Stadium for Saturday's game, he brought a whole lot of Heisman Trophy hype with him.

Does coach Gary Andersen worry this could bring Gordon down?

"No, I don't at all," Andersen said. "And I don't think it will, for a lot of reasons … Number one, Melvin won't allow it; number two, his mom won't allow it."

Gordon emerged as a Heisman front-runner after rushing for an NCAA-record 408 yards against Nebraska a week ago.

And his teammates were among the first to nudge him into the spotlight.

"It just shows they look up to me, they respect me," Gordon said. "They don't have to say nice things like they have been saying.

"So everything from them is coming from the heart. It's a good feeling to know they think highly of me."

The primary objective heading into Saturday's game was helping Wisconsin earn a spot in the Big Ten championship game.

"We can still obtain that goal," Gordon said. "It's right there before us … That's obviously the big focus and the main focus."

And in the end, that could help Gordon's pursuit of college sports' most prestigious individual award.

"What I believe is going to happen with Melvin in the last two weeks is you're going to see him more driven than ever because he wants to have a shot at that championship for his team and he also wants the chance to be the best college player in football and those are both out there," Andersen said. "You're going to see him more driven than ever."