Barta didn't take Nebraska AD's critique personally

Rick Brown
Iowa AD Gary Barta and Outback Bowl press conference in 2013

While discussing the firing of football coach Bo Pelini last week, Nebraska athletic director Shawn Eichorst took a backhanded slap at Iowa in the process.

Asked if the Cornhuskers' 37-34 overtime victory at Kinnick Stadium in the final regular-season game of the season played any role in his decision to fire Pelini, Eichorst said he liked the resiliency and character the team showed on the road.

"But in the final analysis, I had to evaluate where Iowa was," Eichorst said.

Iowa athletic director Gary Barta said Friday he was aware of what Eichorst had said.

"Of course it stings," Barta said. "At the same time I didn't take it personally, because we didn't meet the expectations we have for our program."