Drew Ott eats egg (shell and all) at Big Ten Media Day

Aaron Young

Some like their eggs scrambled. Others may prefer sunny-side up.

Senior Iowa defensive lineman Drew Ott? Raw.

Ott scarfed down the raw egg -- shell and all -- Thursday at the Big Ten Media Day in Chicago.

According to BTN.com senior editor Brent Yarina, Ott said he's eaten eggs right out of the carton since he began making his own breakfast.

"It has calcium," Ott said.

The 6-foot-4, 272-pounder has made other types of headlines for his head-scratching antics off the field, sporting the mullet and beard combo along with trekking the 400-mile journey from the University of Iowa campus to his hometown in Trumbull, Neb.

Watch the ESPN video here: Shell Shocker: Iowa lineman eats entire egg