Iowa will wear all-black uniform vs. Gophers

Chad Leistikow

Nov. 14 has become the Iowa marketing department’s Christmas and New Year’s wrapped into one.

The Hawkeyes are already wrestling an outdoor dual at Kinnick Stadium that morning against Oklahoma State, and on Friday it was (sort of) revealed that the football team will be wearing alternate black tops and black pants for that night’s 7 p.m. showdown against Minnesota.

The Hawkeye football Twitter account gave a peek at the new jerseys Friday. At the 11-second mark of the tweeted video, it appears that a black pant leg is shown with a gold tiger-hawk on the upper thigh. The black tops have “IOWA” embroidered in gold across the chest.

Iowa’s apparel is supplied by Nike, so the full jersey likely is coming from its Pro Combat line. Asked about the possibility earlier this week, head coach Kirk Ferentz was amused about the whole thing.

“It’s just one of those things that came about,” he said Monday. “It’s a new era, right? New millennium and all that stuff.”

He added: “It’s amazing to me what interests people.”