Tackle tailgating like a pro

Iowa City Press-Citizen

Much of the excitement surrounding Iowa football happens before any passes are thrown, field goals are kicked or touchdowns are scored. Upwards of 70,000 Hawkeye fans convene around Kinnick Stadium before, during and after each home game in a lavish spectacle of Iowa’s football culture.

Soak up the full gameday experience by cracking a beer, throwing a ball and indulging in as much tailgate fare as you can handle. Parking rates range from $20 for a car to $100 for a bus.

Celebrate safely (and legally)

Costume guidelines: No weapons (real or simulated), no authentic-looking law enforcement uniforms, no player or game official uniforms, no apparel or props that could cause fear or unnecessary panic.

No smoking: No smoking in or around Kinnick Stadium.

No hard liquor: Beer and wine are the only alcoholic beverages allowed in UI parking areas. Those in possession of an opened bottle of hard liquor may be issued a citation.

Iowa City open container ordinance will be strictly enforced. Individuals walking or driving to UI property on public sidewalks/roads with visible, open alcohol containers will be subject to citation.

No stand-alone speakers or amplifiers. Small stereos are permitted but the sound cannot extend past your tailgate area. Live musical bands are not allowed.

No open bars: Any activity resembling the distribution of alcohol similar to that found in a bar or tavern is prohibited. Drinking games that require rapid or large amounts of alcohol, beer bongs or consumption is subject to intervention.

Public intoxication and public urination is not permitted.

LP and charcoal grills and LP heaters are permitted in parking lots but are prohibited in parking ramps. Charcoal must be disposed of in designated containers.

Tents are permitted but may not impede foot or vehicular traffic.

If you attend the game

Items allowed inside Kinnick Stadium: Small purses, fanny packs, binoculars, radio, camera, blankets, seat cushions, one sealed plastic water bottle per person and up to a 1 gallon clear plastic bag filled with food. Patrons with infants will be permitted to bring a diaper bag.

Items prohibited inside Kinnick Stadium: Bags of any size, alcoholic beverages, coolers, canned or bottled beverages (except sealed plastic water bottles), hydration packs, thermoses, back packs, kegs, banners and signs, personal seat backs, lenses over 6 inches, cameras, tripods, umbrellas, strollers, noisemakers, horns, bugles, any other disruptive device and weapons of any kind.

No re-entry into the stadium if you leave during the game.

Stay off the field: Spectators are at no time before, during and after a game permitted to enter the playing field.