Albert the Bull, you've got company (thanks to Drew Ott)

Rick Brown

Iowa defensive end Drew Ott has given the bull on the newly acquired Heartland Trophy a first name: Albert.

“I guess there’s a bull named Albert somewhere here in Iowa,” said Ott, who is from Trumbull, Neb.

Ott was referring to Audubon’s Albert the Bull. Ott’s teammate, Sam Brincks of Carroll, told Ott about Albert.

Albert The Bull in Audubon, Iowa.

Albert the Bull is 30 feet tall and 33 feet long.

Albert, like Ott, has baby-blue eyes.

Albert has been a fixture on East Division Street in Audubon since 1964.

“I just thought we would give him a name,” Ott said. “We’ve got Floyd the pig. I like saying Floyd.”

Iowa and Minnesota will play for Floyd of Rosedale, the bronze pig, on Nov. 14 in Iowa City.

The Heartland Trophy, back in Iowa City for the first time since 2009 after last week’s 10-6 victory over Wisconsin, was on display at Iowa’s football facility Tuesday.