Colin Cowherd compares Packers to 'a slow Iowa team'

Aaron Young

Fox Sports radio personality Colin Cowherd watched Sunday afternoon's Green Bay vs. Atlanta NFC Championship game. He wasn't happy with Green Bay's play.

He even felt the need to reference the Iowa Hawkeyes in order to make a point during his radio show "The Herd" on Monday.

Colin Cowherd.

"That Atlanta offense against that Green Bay defense — that looked like the Outback Bowl with a slow Iowa team the last two years," Cowherd said.

"They didn't even look like they should be on the same field."

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This isn't the first time that Cowherd took a jab at the Iowa football program. In 2015, Cowherd said during the season that Nebraska was going to defeat "a fraudulent Iowa football team."

Cowherd had even described Iowa once as "a poser."

"They walk into the club, they’re a $30,000-a-year millionaire. Look at my Corvette. It’s leased. Look at my jewelry. It’s fake. Look at my jeans. They’re my brother’s. They’re the ultimate poser in a nightclub. Look at me, look at me. You make 32 grand a year, cowboy, sit down.

“You’re a poser. Michigan’s not. Michigan State’s not. Ohio State’s not. Iowa’s a poser. Give your brother his jeans back.”

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The Hawkeyes won that game over Nebraska though, 28-20, on the road.

"What are you going to say next? We’re just going to continue to prove people wrong," former quarterback C.J. Beathard said following the game. “It kind of lights your fire, kind of gets you going, people doubting you all the time.”

Iowa finished the 2016 season 8-5 overall and 6-3 in the Big Ten Conference, which includes big wins over then-No. 2 Michigan and then-No. 15 Nebraska. The Hawkeyes lost 30-3 to No. 18 Florida in the Outback Bowl earlier this month.

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