Colin Cowherd disses Iowa Hawkeyes with 'Fake ID' T-shirt

Aaron Young

Sports radio personality Colin Cowherd continues to blast the University of Iowa football program, and he's revealed a T-shirt available for purchase at his show's store.

A new shirt that is available for sale on Colin Cowherd's radio show's story disses the Iowa football team.

"Our new merch store is open for business. It's all official, No Fake ID's," Cowherd wrote in a Facebook post Monday with a link to the shop.

The shirt, which costs $25 to $27, is called "IOWA: THE FAKE ID OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL T-SHIRT." The design is of an Iowa driver's license with a quarterback named "Joe King" as the mug. King is from "132 FAKER DR," the shirt reads.

Earlier in April, a day after the Hawkeyes added Middle Tennessee State to round out ther 2019 nonconference schedule, Cowherd said this:

“You’re the same fan base that demands I include you in Rose Bowl talk, but you’ve lost five straight bowl games,” he said. “And do you know why you’ve lost five straight? Not easy to do. Because you get into bowls you didn’t earn, because you’re the fake ID of college football.”

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In 2015, Cowherd said during the season that Nebraska was going to defeat "a fraudulent Iowa football team."

Cowherd had even described Iowa as "a poser."

"They walk into the club, they’re a $30,000-a-year millionaire. Look at my Corvette. It’s leased. Look at my jewelry. It’s fake. Look at my jeans. They’re my brother’s. They’re the ultimate poser in a nightclub. Look at me, look at me. You make 32 grand a year, cowboy, sit down.

“You’re a poser. Michigan’s not. Michigan State’s not. Ohio State’s not. Iowa’s a poser. Give your brother his jeans back.”

After Green Bay's NFC Championship loss to the Atlanta Falcons in January, Cowherd compared the Packers to a "slow Iowa team."

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