Joel Klatt stands up for Iowa Hawkeye fans everywhere by mocking Colin Cowherd

Aaron Young

Fox Sports radio personality Colin Cowherd might be rolling his eyes, but Iowa Hawkeye fans across the country are pumping their fists high in the air thanks to Joel Klatt.

Joel Klatt and Colin Cowherd.

Klatt, a college football and NFL Draft analyst with Fox Spots, appeared on Cowherd's show "The Herd" on Monday. Cowherd hasn't been shy of sharing his two cents' worth about the Iowa football program for the past two seasons, lashing out about its non-conference schedule to going as far as selling T-shirts that calls the Hawkeyes the "Fake ID" of college football

But Monday's show, Cowherd started to bash on the Hawkeyes again while praising the San Fransisco 49ers' selections from the 2017 NFL Draft. Two former Hawkeyes — quarterback C.J. Beathard (3rd round, 104th overall) and tight end George Kittle (5th round, 146th overall) — were drafted by the 49ers.

"Listen, you come out here and you’re praising John Lynch and the 49ers…," Klatt told Cowherd, with Cowherd replying: "Great draft."

"You’re trying to jump on this Iowa bandwagon, I’m not gonna allow it," Klatt continued. "I’m not gonna allow you to jump on the bandwagon of C.J. Beathard and George Kittle and say what great picks they were when you’ve been bashing Iowa for the past year-and-a-half. That’s a good program up there."

Cowherd: "Oh, yeah, who they playing to start the season this year?"

"I don’t care," Klatt fired back. "Who does anyone play to start the season this year?"

Cowherd said he's not anti-individual player. Klatt told him that if he's going to "get on the schedule, at least the Big Ten (Conference) plays nine conference games. The (Southeastern Conference)'s playing eight conference games."

"The SEC’s embarrassing, I’ll acknowledge that," Cowherd told Lynch, "but Iowa could do themselves a favor and find somebody that I’ve heard of."

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Klatt then said what every Hawkeye has wanted somebody to say to Cowherd for a long, long time.

"I am not going to allow you, listeners, listen, hold Colin accountable," he said. "You cannot allow him to praise the 49ers’ draft, because he’s been bashing Iowa for two years. You can’t get on the bandwagon now, sorry. George Kittle and C.J. Beathard are giving you the finger right now."

"... You can’t do it. Stop praising the 49ers’ draft. Praise John Lynch only, not the 49ers’ draft."

Klatt tweeted later Monday night that he was "feeling the @HawkeyeFootball love today."

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