PODCAST: Kirk Ferentz backs midfield Tiger Hawk, son's recruiting comments

Chad Leistikow
Hawk Central

A Tiger Hawk at midfield of Kinnick Stadium?

The people have spoken. And Kirk Ferentz has heard you.

“Not totally tone-deaf,” the Iowa football coach said during Wednesday’s Hawk Central radio show.

While Ferentz didn’t completely confirm whether a widely wished-for (by fans) logo at the 50-yard line is happening, it sure sounds promising as the stadium undergoes replacement of its FieldTurf.

With a Cheshire Cat grin, Ferentz responded to a question of whether the Tiger Hawk was on the way by saying: “I can tell you, my informal polls when I ask people, it’s like 99 to 1 (pro-Tiger Hawk). So … I’ll leave it at that.”

Ferentz touched on a number of fun topics during Wednesday’s 35-minute interview, while also backing his son’s May 3 recruiting comments on Hawk Central radio that needled some of the Hawkeyes’ trophy-game rivals.

Brian Ferentz, a sixth-year Iowa assistant under his father and first-year offensive coordinator, referred to Iowa State and Minnesota as potentially over-offering scholarship to prospects that they couldn’t honor.

“He chose to say what he said. I don’t think he lied about anything he said,” Kirk Ferentz said. “It was factual information.

“He’s an adult. As long as things are being said that are accurate, that to me is a lot better than saying things that aren’t. A lot of that goes on in our profession, too.”

Kirk Ferentz also discussed the pronunciation of his last name, roster departures, the surprising affirmation and even tightening of his team’s social-media policy and how the chop-block issue hasn’t been resolved to his liking. The NCAA’s new-in-2016 guidelines on low blocks are, Ferentz feels, enforced without consistency. He sounded off on the topic after last year’s win at Rutgers.

Iowa  head coach Kirk Ferentz talks to kids after they went through drills on the field with players during the Youth Clinic after the Hawkeyes football team's spring practice at Valley Stadium on Friday, April 7, 2017, in West Des Moines.

“It got tabled, basically. Went to a committee,” Ferentz quipped Wednesday. “The American way. The bureaucratic way.”

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