Kirk Ferentz on son Brian's press-box tirade: 'It can't happen again'

Chad Leistikow
Hawk Central

IOWA CITY, Ia. — Iowa offensive coordinator Brian Ferentz was scheduled to meet with his boss, Hawkeye athletics director Gary Barta, on Tuesday to address “inappropriate” behavior at halftime of Iowa’s 17-10 win over Minnesota on Saturday night.

Ferentz screamed a stream of profanities in the Kinnick Stadium press box, which seemed to be directed toward the game’s replay official, at halftime after a long gain by James Butler was ruled a turnover near the end of the second quarter.

Barta is Ferentz’s direct supervisor, with the head football coach being Brian’s father, Kirk Ferentz.

Iowa offensive coordinator Brian Ferentz directed profanity toward a replay official during halftime of the Hawkeyes' 17-10 win against Minnesota.

In Saturday’s postgame interviews, Kirk hadn’t gathered all the information but called his son’s behavior inappropriate. By Tuesday, he had met with his son and added that Barta has communicated with the Big Ten Conference about the incident.

“As I said Saturday night, it was inappropriate,” Kirk Ferentz emphasized Tuesday. “It remains inappropriate. It can’t happen again.”

Kirk Ferentz said whatever discipline is handed out by Barta or the conference, "that's what we'll abide by, certainly."

Brian Ferentz is in his sixth year on Iowa’s staff but first as offensive coordinator. At 34, he is one of the youngest in the league.

Youth, though, is no excuse for unprofessional behavior, his father said, adding that “all the steps have been taken” to address it going forward — including the scheduled meeting with Barta.

“No matter what your profession is, you’re going to have to get to a point where you have to control things that might be frustrating,” Kirk Ferentz said. “Football can be extremely frustrating, especially if you’re in the games. I imagine that’s probably true in any profession. There are things you can do and things you can’t do, and what happened Saturday was inappropriate.”