'There is none better': Iowa safety Brandon Snyder gives emotional farewell to Hawkeye fans, reveals future plans


Iowa safety Brandon Snyder has departed the Hawkeyes' football team in a mutual agreement with coach Kirk Ferentz that was announced Tuesday.

Snyder is eligible as a graduate transfer to play for another school immediately. His first game of the season will still be in the Hawkeye State — but at Jack Trice Stadium in Ames, against Iowa State, as a member of perennial FCS contender South Dakota State.

Snyder issued the following statements about his departure from the Hawkeye program and his future plans. Read them in full below.

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Some of Iowa's most defining wins have been less than gorgeous offensive displays (see: 6-4 over Penn State in 2004). Here, Brandon Snyder had reason to celebrate Iowa's dominant defensive performance last week in a 14-7 win at Minnesota.

Snyder on departing Iowa

I would like to announce, after much thought, prayer and discussion, that I will no longer be finishing my last year of eligibility at Iowa.

First and foremost, I absolutely need to thank every single person that made playing at Iowa possible. Coach Ferentz, Coach Parker, Coach Woods, Coach Doyle and the rest of the staff: Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the invaluable life lessons you taught me. To my teammates, friends, Whitney and every family member that has been with me through the good days and the dark days, I'm eternally grateful for your support and love for me through everything that I have been through.

To the Hawk fans, and you guys know this, there is none better. Lastly, and probably most importantly, to Parker Kress and every child impacted by the U of I Children’s Hospital and its connection to Iowa football, you guys taught me what a warrior looks like. Thank you. I’m praying constantly for you guys. Keep fighting the good fight.

I have given Iowa everything I have inside of me, but at this time I believe God is leading me elsewhere. I am submitting to His will and accepting that I am meant to be somewhere else. I’m deeply saddened I won’t be finishing my career as a Hawk, but I am excited for the many opportunities ahead. Time and time again, God has proven himself to know what’s best for me, and I’ll continue to believe that as 
I move on. 

God bless and as always, Go Hawks!

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Snyder on his future school

I have decided to finish my final year of eligibility at South Dakota State University as a Jackrabbit. 

I am excited to join a program with an excellent tradition of winning, and more importantly, a tradition of family culture. I truly believe this is where God is calling me to be, and I am grateful to the SDSU players and coaches for taking me in with open arms. Go Big. Go Blue. Go Jacks.