GAMEDAY REPLAY: No. 18 Iowa 28, No. 25 Wisconsin 7

Oh, Wisconsin.

The sighs you bring. The dreams you've crushed. The curse words you've made burst forth from Iowa fans' lips.

Many a recent Hawkeyes Big Ten Conference title-game hope has been scrunched underfoot by the Badgers, who have often bullied their Big Ten West competition.

Such grief won't come this year, with Northwestern taking the division. But Iowa (5-2) has its own business to attend to, with the Badgers (2-2) having asserted their dominance in this rivalry in a way known all too well in this state. 

Four in a row, seven of the past eight, and no Hawkeye wins at Kinnick Stadium since 2008. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Kirk Ferentz, Spencer Petras and others must change that today.

Chad Leistikow and Mark Emmert are in Iowa City, as per usual. The Register's Danny Lawhon will be watching the 2:30 p.m. broadcast alongside you.

Enjoy the game!

Fourth quarter

6 p.m.: That's a wrap. Iowa 28, Wisconsin 7. The Hawkeyes are 6-2. The Champions' Week matchup should almost certainly be against Indiana. We'll have time and date information as soon as we know it! Thanks for following along today. — DL

5:55 p.m.: Wisconsin "responds" by going three and out, including a couple of near-interceptions and a pice pass breakup by Joe Evans in relief. We're at 3:04 to play. Iowa will earn its first victory over Wisconsin since 2015, and its first win at Kinnick Stadium over the Badgers since 2008. — DL

5:44 p.m.: More forgettable moments for Mertz. On the resulting fourth-and-goal, a clever misdirection rollout left Mertz with a simple throw to a similarly drifting fullback Mason Stokke in the back of the end zone. A throw that was way too late resulted in what is likely a game-sealing interception.

One play later, the game is sealed on a tackle-breaking 80-yard touchdown run from Tyler Goodson. Fantastic stuff. It's 28-7, and it's ballgame. — DL

5:39 p.m.: A forgettable moment for Tory Taylor, who dropped a punt snap and tried to squib-kick it off the ground instead of picking it up and kicking it legally. That's a loss of down at the spot of the foul in American football, with a five-yard penalty. So Wisconsin takes over at the Iowa 5. Mercy. — DL

5:35 p.m.: Smith-Marsette comes back to the field, but in a hoodie and walking boot. Wisconsin could have had a touchdown, but Mertz's fourth-down pass to Jack Dunn was well off the mark. Dunn had a clear path to the end zone. — DL

5:30 p.m.: Ooh, that was a clever little shovel pass from Graham Mertz to Garrett Groshek on fourth-and-4  to get Wisconsin inside the 20. Time is ticking already for the Badgers, however. — DL

5:24 p.m.: I'm not all that fooled by the concept that Wisconsin is moving the ball better in the second half means that this game feels particularly in doubt,. Yes, the Badgers have responded to the long Iowa touchdown by moving past midfield again themselves, but remember again that the only Badgers points today come almost directly from an Iowa mistake. With 12 minutes, 10 seconds to play, you have to love your position being up 14, facing this offense, with your defense. Wisconsin still has just 176 yards of total offense on the day. — DL

Third quarter

5:14 p.m.: ISM injury aside, those are Petras' first two deep-shot completions of 30-plus all season. His 38-yarder to Smith-Marsette preceded the 53-yarder. Smith-Marsette with seven catches for a career-high 140 yards but is likely done for the day. Iowa leads, 21-7, after three quarters. --CL

5:11 p.m.: One play later, Ihmir Smith-Marsette started on the left hash and scorched the Wisconsin secondary. Petras found Smith-Marsette on the deep-post route, resulting in a 53-yard touchdown that has Iowa up 21-7. Smith-Marsette went full theatrics in flipping into the end zone, but a poor landing resulted in a left ankle injury and he is off to the locker room. — DL

5:08 p.m.: Following the momentum-shifter, both teams have traded three-and-outs. Golston came up large against with a third-down sack inside the Wisconsin 25. Iowa has grinded its way to a first down with three running plays from Sargent and Tyler Goodson. The snow is coming down harder now, and we're under 90 seconds to go in the quarter. Iowa is at its own 47. —DL

4:54 p.m.: That is to say, it WOULD have felt like much more, if not for a ghastly special-teams mistake by Charlie Jones, who tried to field a punt on a bounce and muffed it upon contact with two Wisconsin defenders. The Badgers recovered at the Iowa 25, and three plays later are in the end zone and on the scoreboard for the first time today with a 1-yard plunge from Nakia Watson. If the Badgers come from nowhere to stun the Hawkeyes again at Kinnick Stadium ... I feel for you. But the Hawkeyes still lead for now, 14-7. Five minutes and change remain in the third. -- DL

4:47 p.m.: Like the Badgers, the Hawkeyes also come out of the locker room intent on moving the football through the air. But Iowa actually succeeds, thanks to two terrific connections between Spencer Petras and Ihmir Smith-Marsette. The latter is on a third-and-10 from the Wisconsin 19, with Iowa's quarterback showing nice touch on a pass that Smith-Marsette is able to backpedal and cradle to his stomach while falling in the right corner of the end zone. Petras then throws a dart to Brandon Smith on a slant pattern to get the two-point conversion. That's a 14-0 Iowa lead that feels like much more in this game. — ME

4:39 p.m.: Wisconsin stalls out just inside the Iowa 30 and decides to attempt a 47-yard field goal in the same direction Duncan connected from just before halftime. Collin Larsh was a few yards short. The Badgers finally looked competent moving the football, but that would have been another place where I would have used all four downs with the offense on the field. --DL

4:33 p.m.: Wisconsin showing a little more urgency and bounce out of half. They're across midfield in less than two game minutes. -- DL

Second quarter

4:17 p.m.: Keith Duncan is not only the most accurate field-goal kicker in Iowa history (52 of 63, 82.5%), but he also passed Nate Kaeding for most field goals longer than 40 yards with 20 of them. That one was barely in, but it was also into the wind. Iowa is going to miss Duncan when he leaves after this year, for his value in games precisely like this one. — ME

4:11 p.m.: Good screen call by Iowa to get into field-goal territory. Tyler Goodson needed all 20 of those yards to make it a 45-yard try for Keith Duncan, who banks it in off the right goal post. Iowa with three big points before halftime. 6-0 Hawkeyes. --CL 

4:03 p.m.: Jack Campbell absolutely blows up a clumsily-designed Wildcat fourth-down attempt from Wisconsin on fourth-and-1 from the Iowa 31. Chauncey Golston squashed a third-and-2 run play the snap before.

On Iowa's next possession, Spencer Petras throws a first-play interception that is negated on pass interference. Iowa takes advantage and converts on a third-down completion from Petras to Sam LaPorta. Iowa inside the Wisconsin 35 with 40 seconds to go before halftime. --DL

3:54 p.m.: Could the game's biggest play be a punt? A 51-yarder from Wisconsin downed at the Iowa 2, just 2:54 before half. Wisconsin will use its timeouts. Iowa needs a first down or two. --CL

3:48 p.m.: We are 15 game minutes in, and 11 punts in, and 3 points in, and 2 third-down converstions in. I can't dress this up. Iowa's winning...? --DL

3:33 p.m.: What appeared like a tip-drill interception for Kaevon Merriweather at the Hawkeyes' 44 will likely get overturned on review. The tip of the ball is hitting the ground as Merriweather corrals his hands around the ball. --DL

3:31 p.m.: I am so exasperated at announcers' inability to identify a play. A simple end around misdirection toss is not a reverse, much less a "REVERSE!" --DL

3:28 p.m.: Brian Ferentz getting way too cute on a day where smash-mouth is on the menu. A third-and-1 pass that goes for an intentional grounding? A second-and-3 swing pass for minus-6? Iowa with four punts in five drives, averaging 3.6 yards per play. --CL

First quarter

3:21 p.m.: Iowa's defense is continuing its excellent play early. Wisconsin has gained only 24 yards on 13 plays through a quarter, with one costly turnover. Freshman quarterback Graham Mertz is 2-for-7 for 10 yards passing, constantly trying to force passes into tight windows. The Hawkeyes look to be in position to get an interception here soon. — Mark Emmert

3:18 p.m.: We're in a field-position stasis as we reach the end of the first quarter. Wisconsin is trying to get into Iowa territory. The Badgers' offense looks relatively incapable of doing so. The two teams are a combined 1-for-8 on third down. Iowa having trouble putting much together after its own first possession. A rock fight brewing, between these two teams? Never... --DL

3:06 p.m.: Don't get the third-and-1 call there by Brian Ferentz. Play-action ... nobody open immediately and Petras chucks it away ... for a 9-yard loss on intentional grounding. Why not go Wildcat there? That could be a game-flipper. A short punt and Wisconsin now has the ball at its own 44. --CL 

2:51 p.m.: After a Nick Niemann fumble recovery, Mr. Reliable Keith Duncan knocks through a 30-yard field goal. Credit to Barrington Wade for keeping the fumble alive, which Niemann nabbed at the Wisconsin 32. Iowa definitely playing for a low-scoring game. Wisconsin has to feel kinda lucky to be down just 3-0. --CL

2:45 p.m.: Conservative Kirk begins this one after a nice drive for Iowa. On fourth-and-1, he has Tory Taylor punt from the Wisconsin 40. And it's a 20-yard net after the touchback. Could be second-guessed later. --CL 

2:44 p.m.: On the first pass reception of the day for Iowa, announcer Tim Brando has Wisconsin on his mind. Apparently, it'll be "Ihmir Smith-Marquette." Hoo boy. Mekhi Sargent gaining traction on his first two carries, and Iowa is into Wisconsin territory quickly. — Danny Lawhon

Pregame thoughts

2:37 p.m.: Am always a fan of senior-day introductions. It's a massive undertaking and accomplishment to make it through four or five years of the rigorous Iowa training program. Brandon Smith had the most entertaining entrance, grabbing some snow and throwing it in the air before having his photo snapped with parents (who stood in the stands). Iowa will get the ball first today. --Chad Leistikow

2:25 p.m.: Mohamed Ibrahim sucked any drama out of the final minutes in Lincoln. The Minnesota running back earned three first downs on a clock-draining drive that helped the Golden Gophers seal a 24-17 win over the Cornhuskers. Iowa and Wisconsin will start on time, and in full. — DL

2:17 p.m.: I've seen pictures of the snow-covered bleachers at Kinnick Stadium. They look cold. I am feeling nice and fine indoors. We'll see if we get all of Iowa-Wisconsin on the Fox Sports 1 airwaves. Minnesota and Nebraska are in a one-score game in the final 3 minutes. — Danny Lawhon