Travel info for Iowa fans who want to follow the Hawkeyes to Nashville for the Music City Bowl

Isaac Hamlet
Hawk Central

Despite a canceled game against Michigan over the weekend, the Hawkeyes are still set for a bowl game to finish the season.

Iowa will be heading to Nashville for the Music City Bowl on Wednesday, Dec. 30, where the team will face off against Missouri.

Though the COVID-19 pandemic has changed how they bowl games play out for traveling sports fans, travel will undoubtedly still occur. Here's information for those taking on travel in the final days of the year.

For those not wanting to travel, the game will kick off at 3 p.m. and be televised on ESPN on Dec. 30.

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Bowl packages

The Music City Bowl will be allowing limited fan seating at the game. Visit for more information about the history of the game and how ticketing works.

Prices range from $25 per person in a group of two to $200 per person in a pair.

The website notes that full refunds will be available if the game is canceled in light of COVID-19 and that "adjustments will be made by the bowl as it pertains to COVID-19 guidelines."


Traveling by car or RV tends to be less risky in terms of exposing travelers to COVID-19 when compared to other traditional alternatives, as exposure to others will only occur when stopping for gas, restrooms, food and the like.

In either case, travelers will have upwards of 8 hours of travel ahead of them going from Iowa City to Nashville.

While opting to take a plane provides travelers with a well-circulated and filtered fuselage, social distancing does become difficult by plane. Not only because of how crowded the plane itself is, but because of the potentially high traffic at the terminal.

As of reporting, flights out of Cedar Rapids to Nashville are in the $200 range. By comparison, flights out of Des Moines are in the ballpark of $300.


Nissan Stadium, where the Music City Bowl is held, is about 10 minutes away via car from the Nashville International Airport.

As of reporting prices for hotels near Nissan Stadium range from about $90 to $300 or more per night the week of the game. Rooms closer to the Nashville International Airport range from about $65 to about $130 per night.

Things to do

Music City typically offers a wide away of musical performances across hundreds of music venues. However, COVID-19 has continued to make the entertainment you'd expect from the city more infrequent. However, that doesn't mean sights to see have dried up completely.

Now through Jan. 10, 2021, Nashville has a display of holiday lights hosted at Cheekwood Lights and Chihuly Nights. The display takes visitors on a one-mile stroll through a garden lit by Christmas lights. The display is offered seven nights a week from 5-9 p.m. each night at 1200 Forrest Park Drive, roughly 20 minutes away from Nissan Stadium.

The Country Music Hall of Fame is also located in Nashville and has limited availability during the pandemic. Because of the ongoing pandemic, masks are required for any visitors over the age of two and tickets must be purchased in advance. Temperature checks will be done as guests enter. The museum is about 10 minutes driving or 25 minutes walking from Nissan Stadium, on the other side of the Cumberland River.

Or, if you absolutely feel the need to listen to what music you can during your visit to Music City, many of the city's iconic music venues are still offering performances, though with added safety measures in place, which may vary from location to location.

"Live music is playing in Music City with safe limits on crowds and performers so check for details at each establishment before arriving," advises the Nashville visitation website.