Kirk Ferentz on Iowa football's win vs. Indiana: 'It's good team defense. That's just how we play.'

Dargan Southard
Hawk Central

IOWA CITY, Ia. — After more than 21 months since last playing in front of fans at Kinnick Stadium, Iowa put on a football show Saturday afternoon.

The No. 18 Hawkeyes overwhelmed No. 17 Indiana from the beginning, resulting in a 34-6 Iowa win in the 2021 season-opener. 

Here's how the rout unfolded in real time.

Postgame — Kirk Ferentz comments after Hawkeyes' 34-6 win 

On win: "Just really pleased with the effort of our entire football team today. It starts with effort and focus. Guys had a really good week, were ready to roll. It was a combination of our older guys doing their jobs and the younger guys stepping up." 

On secondary: "That really helps us when our veterans play like that."

On defensive success: "It's good team defense. That's just how we play. Making the other team uneasy, our guys did that." 

On Spencer Petras rushing TD and Tyler Linderbaum going down: "It's one of those plays where if you get the right look, you can execute it. He showed good poise. And it's going to take a lot to keep Tyler out." 

On looking ahead to Cy-Hawk: "One thing I've learned is you've got to rest hard and work hard. These games are hard to win and you've got to enjoy it."

On Spencer Petras: "He did a good job protecting the football. I think Spencer just has more confidence in his play. You've got to earn that. But you see the growth and you feel it." 

Postgame — Tyler Linderbaum comments after Hawkeyes' 34-6 win 

On going down on Spencer Petras TD: "Just a little dinged up. I'll be fine. I knew I'd be fine. Just got a helmet in the thigh. It'll heal up fine." 

On fans returning: "It's nice to have fans back in the stadium. They made a big impact on the game." 

Postgame — Dane Belton comments after Hawkeyes' 34-6 win 

On defense: "Any time we can go up there and put points up ourselves, we take so much pride in that." 

On defensive success: "That just comes from the way we practice. All 11 on the field taking pride in that. Creating turnovers creates a great defense. The way we prepared, everyone did their job."

On confidence: "The way we prepare, we're confident against anybody."   

Postgame — Tyler Goodson comments after Hawkeyes' 34-6 win 

On the early TD: "It felt amazing. It's always a good feeling to get into the end zone. The energy level was just great." 

On the strong effort up front: "We had to be strong up front. That was our main priority. I think we did a good job overall knowing our assignments." 

On the two early scores: "It gives us big momentum. Those two plays back-to-back brought great energy. We kept our foot on the gas."   

Postgame — Spencer Petras comments after Hawkeyes' 34-6 win 

On crowd returning: "It makes it really fun. Those big plays when the crowd is into it, there's not a better atmosphere in college football."

On QB draw TD and Tyler Linderbaum's injury: "We liked that all week, based on the defense and how they played. There's no tougher guy in college football than Tyler Linderbaum. I knew once he walked off, he'd be OK."

On early score: "We preached that all week, we need to start fast. You always want to come out firing. The beauty of it was it was all three phases. That was just a great team win." 

Postgame — Sam LaPorta comments after Hawkeyes' 34-6 win 

On early Tyler Goodson TD: "It was huge for us. Really got the crowd into it. Really set the tempo for us. We were humming after that."

On defensive success: "I went against our secondary for eight months. So I know how strong they are." 

On Riley Moss: "He's a great athlete. Our secondary is stacked. Riley had a great performance and is going to build on it too."

On overall performance: "I thought we were ready to play. We put in the time, work and the effort." 

Postgame — John Waggoner comments after Hawkeyes' 34-6 win 

On defensive success: "We had a solid week of preparation. So it was good to go out and execute that game plan. It felt good to go out in front of the fans and get that win."

On slowing Indiana offense: "We were able to see some tendencies that put us in the right spot. It was great to be out there flying around with the guys." 

On DL depth: "Definitely nice to have some depth and stay fresh. We had a lot of guys rotating in." 

On Riley Moss' day: "I was happy for him. I would just turn my head and there's another Riley Moss pick-six."

Postgame — Riley Moss comments after Hawkeyes' 34-6 win 

On second pick-six: "It was just my eyes and being patient it definitely comes from film study. It's weird. Sometimes I just feel like something is going to happen." 

On early first pick-six: "It definitely boosted our confidence. It was cool to grow from last year and show that off today." 

On the crowd returning: "It felt like my first game in Kinnick again. That was top-three loudest crowds so far."

On defensive success: "We were very prepared. We all watch film as a team together. ... We absolutely won because of film and preparation." 

On defensive success: "Our game plan coming in was stop big plays. We made them work for their yards and their points. Doing your job, ready your keys." 

FINAL — Iowa 34, Indiana 6

A largely uneventful second half ends this Iowa rout. What an opening for the Hawkeyes. Stay right here for postgame quotes and updates.

2:58/4Q — Alex Padilla now in at QB

Kirk Ferentz gets Spencer Petras out of there in garbage time. Petras finishes 13-for-27 for 145 yards and a rushing TD.  

8:27/3Q — A lot of Iowa reserves in

Ethan Hurkett, Terry Roberts, Reggie Bracy on defense, Ivory Kelly-Martin getting the carries, Luke Lachey in at tight end.  

9:52/4Q — Iowa 34, Indiana 6 

Caleb Shudak drills a 35-yarder to extend the lead. 11 plays, 40 yards, 5:55 on the scoring drive. 

END 3Q — Iowa 31, Indiana 6

Fifteen minutes until this Hawkeyes win is in the books. 

1:54/3Q — If you're searching hard for an Iowa issue, Spencer Petras has been just fair.

Look, the Hawkeyes haven't needed his services all that much. The ground game and defense have taken care of that. But Petras is just 10-for-24 for 109 yards late in the third quarter.  

5:57/3Q — Iowa secondary continues to own Michael Penix

A Matt Hankins interception was only wiped out by a roughing the passer penalty. Kaevon Merriweather had another potential pick go through his hands. Penix is now 13-for-26 for 151 yards. That's a rough day. Indiana punting again, down 25.  

8:21/3Q — Iowa 31, Indiana 6

Hoosiers get the first points of the second half, but it took all their effort to do so. A nice long grab to Ty Fryfogle set up the scoring chance, but Michael Penix was sacked on third down by Lukas Van Ness. 12 plays, 52 yards, 6:21 on the scoring drive. 

HALFTIME — Iowa 31, Indiana 3

Caleb Shudak drills a 41-yard FG at the first-half horn, completing an absolute dominant half from the Hawkeyes. Three turnovers, two defensive touchdowns and a solid running game.   

1:12/2Q — Dane Belton gets in on the INT action

Another one. Michael Penix throws his third interception of the first half, this one going to Dane Belton on a nice grab along the sideline. Hawkeyes are rolling now. 

1:41/2Q — Didn't take long to undo that error

Riley Moss houses another interception, his second of the day. First Iowa defensive back with two pick-sixes in the same game since Josh Jackson at Wisconsin in 2017. Iowa cruising, up 28-3.  

1:50/2Q — First major mistake for Iowa

Tyler Goodson fumbles near midfield after a nice pass to Sam LaPorta. Indiana has the recovery for now. Play is under review. And the review stands. Indiana takes over at the Iowa 48. Cam Jones recovered the fumble.   

3:09/2Q — Tough day all around for Indiana

As the Hoosiers struggle on the field, a hilarious apparel malfunction is circulating on Twitter. Too many I's, not enough A's. Hawkeyes about to take over on their own 26 when we return.   

8:16/2Q — Tyler Linderbaum is back

8:22/2Q — Michael Penix continues to struggle finding a rhythm 

Iowa has done a great job on the Indiana quarterback, flustering him and forcing him outside the pocket often. Penix is 3-for-8 for 55 yards as the Hoosiers have to punt again. Ty Fryfogle has one long catch but that's it.   

10:50/2Q — Injury update on Tyler Linderbaum

Per BTN, Tyler Linderbaum took a helmet to the calf and should be OK. He's in the medical tent, though, as Indiana starts another drive.

11:54/2Q — Iowa 21, Indiana 3

Spencer Petras, speed demon. Quarterback draw goes for a touchdown from nine yards out. Petras spun into the air before crossing the goal line. Center Tyler Linderbaum shaken up on the play but he gets off under his own power. First dice roll of the afternoon went Iowa's way to set up the TD. Fourth-and-2 completion to Charlie Jones moved the chains as the Hawkeyes move within the 10-yard line. 

END 1Q — Iowa 14, Indiana 3

Not a ton of action to end the first quarter after the instant fireworks. The Tyler Goodson TD run has accounted for 56 of Iowa's 91 total yards. Iowa's defense has been strong in disrupting Michael Penix. Spencer Petras is 3-for-6 for 38 yards. 

3:17/1Q — Spencer Petras with his first sizable connection

Fifteen-yard hookup to Luke Lachey, who hauls in the first catch of his career. Iowa with first-and-10 at the Indiana 37-yard line. Sun has come out in Iowa City.

4:28/1Q — Iowa 14, Indiana 3

A nice drive from Indiana stalls out in the red zone, forcing a 36-yard FG. Jack Koerner nearly had an interception on third down. Scoring drive goes 9 plays, 49 yards in 3:44. Timeout on the field.  

8:50/1Q — Iowa's second possession doesn't produce much

A little offensive line shuffling, with Connor Colby and Mason Richman in, but Iowa goes three and out. Indiana takes over at the 35.

10:08/1Q — Indiana drive stalls

Great Iowa pressure and a key penalty halts the Indiana possession nearly midfield. Zach VanValkenburg with the QB pressure on third down. Linebacker Jestin Jacobs was in on that third down stop as well. Hawkeyes take over on the 17-yard line after the punt. Timeout. 

11:31/1Q — Indiana moving the ball now

Hoosiers are past midfield after a 21-yard pickup. Indiana still has only 34 yards of offense. 

12:45/1Q — Riley Moss has the Hawkeyes up two TDs

Pass from Michael Penix bounces off the Indiana wide receiver and right into the hands of Riley Moss, who snags the interception and goes 30 yards for the TD. Iowa up 14-0. Kinnick rocking.   

12:54/1Q — Iowa has Michael Penix flustered

What was Indiana's quarterback doing? Michael Penix fumbled on a rollout, picked the ball up and then threw it out of bounds. Seth Benson thought he had a recovery. An intentional grounding penalty was initially called but then picked up. Weird play. Anyway, it's 3rd-and-6.

13:35/1Q — Tyler Goodson gets the Iowa Hawkeyes on the board

Easy run around the right side and to the house for Tyler Goodson. 56-yard scoring scamper for Iowa's first points of the season. 4 plays, 67 yards 1:25 on the scoring drive.

13:45/1Q — Iowa's opening drive underway

After a nice return from Charlie Jones, Spencer Petras opens the game with a pass to tight end Sam LaPorta. Tyler Goodson picks up the first first down of the year on the next play.  

2:37 p.m. — Coin toss

Iowa has won the toss and elected to receive. Spencer Petras and company on the field first. Ball soon. 

2:31 p.m. — Back in Black firing up 

First Swarm of 2021 is underway. Kickoff coming soon. 

2:28 p.m. — Crowd update

There's an empty pocket in the top right corner of the north end zone, a few empty rows in the top left of the south end zone and another empty pocket in the top right behind the Indiana sideline. Other than that, it's mostly full. I'd guess 85-90% full. 

2:15 p.m. — More offensive line updates 

Second-team OL lines up as Jack Plumb, Beau Stephens, Michael Myslinksi, Connor Colby and Tyler Elsbury. That's junior, true freshman, true freshman, true freshman, RS freshman. Notable that Colby lining up at RG.

2:14 p.m. — Second string Indiana wide receiver Javon Swinton is suspended  

2:08 p.m. — Offensive line update

Iowa's starting offensive line in warmups (left to right): Mason Richman at LT, Cody Ince at LG, Tyler Linderbaum at C, Justin Britt at RG, Nick DeJong at RT.

2:07 p.m. — Check out the early pregame photos on Hawk Central

First batch of Iowa tailgate photos are in. Check 'em out here

2:05 p.m. — Iowa Hawkeyes injury update

Per sideline reporter Rob Brooks on the pregame show, everyone is active today other than Kyler Schott, who could return from his foot injury in a "week or two."   

2:03 p.m. — Kickoff returners is a four man group 

Tyler Goodson, Tyrone Tracy, Ivory Kelly-Martin and Arland Bruce IV.

1:35 p.m. — The sun is coming out and Tory Taylor is booming punts

Consistent 50- to 55-yard boots from the Australian in pregame. Caleb Shudak has looked pretty solid in warmups too.  

1:24 p.m. — Fans filing in 

For the first time since Nov. 23, 2019, the general public is inside Kinnick Stadium for an Iowa football game. The Hawkeyes specialists just entered the field as well.   

12:17 p.m. — pregame

Overcast afternoon here at Kinnick Stadium. Fans will be let in at 1 p.m. Rain should stay north of Iowa City the whole afternoon. Early thing to watch for in warmups will be the offensive line rotations. It's Tyler Linderbaum and then a lot of question marks.  

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