'Put yourself in the shoes of a parent': Penn State coach James Franklin appalled Iowa fans booed injured players

Dylan Jacobs
Chambersburg Public Opinion

Penn State head coach James Franklin on Wednesday addressed the idea that Penn State players faked injuries in a loss last week to Iowa to slow down momentum.

Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz addressed the uncertainty this week, saying that there were some legitimate injuries, but that for others, "Our fans aren't stupid" and that they "smelled a rat".

"How does this strategy make sense against a huddle team?" Franklin said. "People use this strategy to slow people down, with spread offenses and tempo. [Iowa] huddles. So that strategy doesn't make sense in this situation." 

Franklin added that there were many players who did not return to the game, and that the players that went down were some of the best players on that side of the ball.  

"Put yourself in the shoes of a parent," Franklin said. "Your son is down on the field for an injury and the stadium is booing them. … Is that good for college football?"