Here's what Iowa football coach Kirk Ferentz said in his press conference before the Wisconsin game

Dargan Southard
Hawk Central

IOWA CITY — The Hawkeyes are back at it.

Following a bye week, No. 10 Iowa (6-1, 3-1 Big Ten Conference) returns to action at 11 a.m. Saturday at Wisconsin (4-3, 2-2) in another pivotal conference showdown. Hawkeyes coach Kirk Ferentz met with the media Tuesday to discuss the matchup and beyond. 

Here are the most noteworthy quotes.    

On Iowa's injury front heading to Wisconsin

"Riley (Moss) will not make it," Ferentz said. "He won't be ready to go (from his knee injury suffered against Penn State). And Deontae Craig looks doubtful unless something really special happens there. We're probably looking at another week with both of those guys."

Tight end Luke Lachey and offensive lineman Cody Ince are back practicing as well after both missed the Purdue game, Ferentz said.  

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On moving forward after the Purdue loss and bye week

"It was good to get back to work Wednesday," Ferentz said. "That was really our first time on the field with everybody. So that was good.  Especially after a loss, there's nothing that makes you feel much better. It's just this sour feeling until you get on the field next and actually start, not only thinking about moving forward, but actually doing something to help move forward. 

"... We have something in the bank right now, which is positive. But all that being said, all that what really matters is was we're going to do here moving forward. I think our guys understand that."           

On Wisconsin familiarity 

"There's a lot of continuity within both programs," Ferentz said. "... Again, just a ton of respect for what they've done since the early '90s when Barry (Alvarez) took over. They've got an idea about what we're going to do. We've got an idea about what they're going to do, but there's still that spy versus spy stuff. You just never know what you're going to start thinking with each other. But what it's probably going to boil down to is playing clean football and if opportunities do present themselves, then you've got to do something with them."  

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On Wisconsin's physicality 

"Especially the guys who have played, they know (Wisconsin's physicality)," Ferentz said. "I can't imagine there's anyone bigger in the country man for man, certainly on the offensive line. And we're probably at the other end of the spectrum, quite frankly, size-wise if you look at other offensive lines We're probably in the bottom 10 percent, just because everyone is so big now. But they're guys are big, strong and they're physical. They really try to block you."  

On watching Penn State-Illinois go nine overtimes and how the new. 

"That was one of those things you couldn't take your eye off," Ferentz said. "I didn't look down. I have two thoughts. One, I'm not so sure I buy this rule change first of all. I'm not sure I liked what I was watching.  And then the other thing I was amazed by was no commercial breaks. Then went from here to there and then back down here and down there, like a tennis match. But there were no commercial breaks. Thought that was kind of interesting. 

"You play for an hour, then you go back and forth. It's like shooting a free-throw thing at the carnival or state fair. So no, I'm not a big fan (of the new OT rules)." 

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