No. 14 Iowa 27, Minnesota 22: Hawkeyes edge Golden Gophers to keep the Floyd of Rosedale

Zack Creglow
Hawk Central

Floyd is staying in Iowa City again.

No. 14 Iowa (8-2) held on against its rivals from up north, Minnesota (6-4), in a hard-fought 27-22 game to keep the Floyd of Rosedale trophy. 

Here's a recap of the game from our live story.  

41 seconds left in game: Shudak hits short field goal to expand lead

Now Minnesota needs a touchdown in 41 seconds and no timeouts. 

2:18 left in fourth quarter: Pass rush saves the day

On second-and-10, Iowa pass-rusher Zach ValValkenburg got to Morgan on an inside stunt. Nearly got to him again the next play for a safety, on a pass that sailed long. 

On fourth-and-17, Matt Hankins batted a prayer from Morgan to force the turnover on downs. 

Iowa now has the ball near the Minnesota goalline. Gophers can get ball back still but Iowa certainly in good spot to ice this game. 

3:20 left in fourth quarter: Minnesota to get ball with lots of time left

Iowa punting after strange series of calls by Iowa lets Minnesota get ball back with considerable chunk of time. 

Buckle up. 

5:28 left in the fourth quarter: It's snug out there

Iowa corner Matt Hankins got dusted by Chris Autman-Bell and Tanner Morgan hit his receiver for a 68-yard touchdown score. 

Morgan's two-point conversion pass was swatted down. 

Hawkeyes still up 24-22 with 5 1/2 minutes left. 

12:49 left in the fourth quarter: Keagan Johnson ... Wow

Keagan Johnson took a receiver quick screen that was completely snuffed out by Minnesota, broke two initial tackles and raced 27 yards for a score. 

Like ... seriously?!? 

Big tuddy.  

24-16 Iowa. 

6:14 left in third quarter: Minnesota adds field goal

Good news? Iowa held Minnesota to a field goal. 

Bad news? Minnesota still pretty much doing whatever it wants on ground against Iowa. 

Hawkeyes up 17-16 mid-way into third quarter. 

11:51 left in third quarter: Hello Charlie Jones!

The old out-and-up by Charlie Jones resulted in a bomb 72-yard touchdown pass for Iowa to go back up. 

Halftime: Minnesota 13, No. 14 Iowa 10

Second quarter was owned by Minnesota, who closed it out with a chip-shot field goal. Hawkeyes need to figure out Minnesota run game over halftime.  

4:17 left in the second quarter: Woof

Padilla with a nice strike to Nico Ragaini, that results in the receiver being swarmed going down and fumbling. Minnesota ball on the Iowa side of the field. 

5:27 left in the second quarter: Minnesota fools Iowa on fourth down to tie it 

A fourth-and-2 from Iowa 37 led by Ko Kieft touchdown. The 265-pounder snuck behind the Iowa defense and Matt Hankins may have caused a fumble inches before the goal-line but camera views did not offer anything definitive to overturn. 


13:32 left in the second quarter: Padilla QB sneak gives Iowa 10-3 lead

Shortly after the return to action, Padilla hit Charlie Jones on a beautifully dialed-up play-action pass. Jones ran a corner route and made a diving catch to put Iowa at the Minnesota 5. Next play, Goodson took the ball to about six inches short of the goal-line (the play was initially ruled a touchdown). No problem: Padilla scored on the next play on a quarterback sneak. 

End of first quarter: No. 14 Iowa 3, Minnesota 3

Iowa ball in Minnesota territory.

Observation: Alex Padilla is good for Sam LaPorta. And vice versa. The tight end is involved in game quite a bit today. 

2:07 left in first quarter: Long Minnesota drive ties it up at 3-all

Minnesota had success on big-chunk gainers on the ground. The Gophers attacked the edges on several toss runs and Iowa struggled to make tackles in space. You also started seeing the Gophers going with tempo on offense, which has caused the Iowa defense issues in previous games. 

The Hawkeyes had Minnesota looking at a third-and-7 at the Iowa 18, but Minnesota picked up a big first down with a read option run by Ky Thomas that got within the Iowa 10. 

The Hawkeyes stopped Thomas a few plays later on a third-and-goal at the 2-yard-line. Fleck sent on the field goal unit and the Golden Gophers tied it up at 3 after the 20-yarder. 

9:49 left in first quarter: Caleb Shudak bangs through 50-yarder

Iowa started with a good gainer by running back Tyler Goodwon on its first play that resulted in a first down. Next play? Play-action shot downfield by Alex Padilla to Keagan Johnson. Thrown about a yard too far, but it's good to see the offense opening up. 

The offense, at least last week and on its first drive, seems to function better with Padilla at quarterback. The offense feels less stilted with Padilla in there. He's got a quick release and processes quickly. Despite the near-interception he throw, he moved the ball effectively on his first drive. 

Eventually the Hawkeye drive stalled out and Caleb Shudak nailed a 50-yarder to give Iowa an early 3-0 lead. 

13:45 left in first quarter: Iowa forces 3-and-out

Not much happening for Minnesota on its first offensive position: incomplete pass, short run, short pass. Iowa takes over on its own 29-yard-line. 

Start of first quarter

Riley Moss is back for Iowa after his electric start to the season was sidelined due to an injury. Minnesota received the ball first. Here we go. 

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