Recap: Alex Padilla replaces Spencer Petras in Iowa football loss at Ohio State

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Giving up their first 50+ point game since 2014, the Iowa Hawkeyes are now 3-4 on the season after their loss to the No. 2 Ohio State Buckeyes, 54-10.

Even though their offense yielded just three points and committed six turnovers their struggles are not the biggest story of the game.

At halftime, they decided to bench incumbent starter Spencer Petras after he committed three turnovers in the first half.

Alex Padilla replaced him in the final two quarters and had a lackluster game in his own right as he had two turnovers on his first two drives.

In the first half, the Hawkeyes' defense was holding its own against the Buckeyes' top-ranked offense.

Of Ohio State's five scoring drives, four of them ended in field goals. They also got a touchdown of their own after a strip sack by Joe Evans.

The second half was a very different story as Ohio State scored four touchdowns.

End of the Game

The Iowa Hawkeyes fall to 3-4 after their 54-10 loss to the Ohio State Buckeyes.

5:36/Q4 – Ohio State takes many starters out of the game

With their latest score, the Buckeyes' coaching staff has made the decision to take out several of their starters, including C.J. Stroud.

Replacing him is sophomore quarterback Kyle McCord.

5:36/Q4 – Iowa commits their sixth turnover of the game

Iowa is dealt another tough blow after Ohio state forces and recovers a fumble from running back Kaleb Johnson.

This is their sixth turnover of the game and again gives their offense great starting field position.

7:59/Q4 – Ohio State tops 50 points.

Utilizing another key fourth-down conversion, the Buckeyes found success in the redzone for the third time in the half.

C.J. Stroud finds his running back Mitch Rossi for a three-yard touchdown.

Their latest score gives them 534 points, making it their third game of season scoring over 50 points.

It also serves as the first game that a team has scored that many points against them since 2014.

13:20/Q4 – Ohio State takes firm control of the game

C.J. Stroud hits his wide receiver Julian Fleming in stride for a 79-yard touchdown pass to make it a 47-10 game.

The Hawkeyes are unable to respond and turn the ball over on downs on their subsequent drive.

End of the third quarter

Being outscored 14-0 in the quarter, the Hawkeyes hope to get back on the scoreboard in the fourth quarter.

4:43/Q3 – Ohio State's offense is beginning to click

For the second straight drive, the Buckeyes find a way to get back into the endzone.

C.J. Stroud completes all four of his passes, including a 13-yard touchdown pass to Emeka Egbuka.

They now lead 40-10 late in the third quarter.

6:37/Q3 – Hawkeyes turn the ball over on downs

Alex Padilla completes his first passes of the game, finding Sam LaPorta on both of those plays.

Along with those plays and six rushing yards from Leshon Williams, they made their way to Ohio State's 45-yard line.

Unfortunately for them, they were unable to go any further as an incomplete pass on fourth down leads to a turnover on downs.

9:36/Q3 – Ohio State's offense scores its first touchdown since the first quarter

Refusing to settle for their fifth field goal of the game, the Buckeyes were aggressive on 4th and 1 deciding to go for it instead of kicking the 24-yard field goal.

C.J. Stroud rolls left to find Marvin Harrison Jr. for the six-yard touchdown.

After the made PAT, they lead Iowa 33-10.

11:44/Q3 – Alex Padilla commits his second turnover in as many drives

After fumbling a snap on his first drive, quarterback Alex Padilla was in need of a nice drive to put the bad play behind him.

Instead, his first pass of the night is intercepted by Ohio State's safety Tanner McCalister, who now has two picks for the game.

He lost two yards on the return, which sets up his offense at Iowa's 15-yard line.

14:52/Q3 – Iowa and Ohio State trade turnovers to start the third quarter

On the opening play of the drive, Iowa gets their second turnover of the night after Jack Campbell picks off C.J. Stroud's pass.

Then when the Hawkeyes' offense retakes the field, they finally make a long-awaited change at quarterback.

After turning the ball over three times in the first half, Spencer Petras was benched in favor of their backup Alex Padilla.

Unfortunately for him, on his first play, he fumbled the snap that the Buckeyes' recovered.

0:39/Q2 – Iowa punts again despite a promising start to the drive

After three straight completions from Spencer Petras, the Hawkeyes found themselves situated beyond midfield with a chance to possibly score again before halftime.

Rather than add to their momentum, they lose four yards on the next three plays which leads to another punt from Tory Taylor.

Ohio State elects to kneel down on their first play to take us to halftime.

3:25/Q2 – Ohio State's defense scores a touchdown of their own

The Buckeyes make the most of their third turnover of the game after linebacker Tommy Eichenberg picks off Spencer Petras' pass and returns it for a pick-six.

They now lead 26-10.

3:38/Q2 – Iowa's defense holds firm again in the redzone

Despite getting all the way down to the Hawkeyes' eight-yard line, Ohio State still is kept out of the endzone, leading to the fourth field goal attempt from Noah Ruggles.

This time, it is from 26-yards away and gives his Buckeyes the 19-10 lead.

6:38/Q2 – Iowa is forced to punt out of their own endzone

After starting the drive with unfavorable field position, Iowa was unable to get past their five-yard line to give Tory Taylor space to punt.

Luckily he manages to get the ball out cleanly to Iowa's 48-yard line before Ohio State's Emeka Egbuka brings the ball out to their 32-yard line.

8:18/Q2 – Iowa forces Ohio State to punt for the first time

Excluding a 13-yard completion from C.J. Stroud to Emeka Egbuka, Iowa's defense manages to keep the Buckeyes under control leading them to punt at their own 47-yard line.

The ball was downed at Iowa's 2-yard line.

10:07/Q2 – Iowa's offense produces a scoring drive

For the first time tonight, the Hawkeyes' offense is able to get into Ohio State territory and produce points of their own.

Aided by a defensive pass interference called on the Buckeyes' which gave them an automatic first down, the offense found a bit of a rhythm, which allowed them to make it down to Ohio State's 30-yard line.

Petras completed all three of his pass attempts for 21 yards.

They then brought out Drew Stevens who converted a 49-yard field goal to make it a 16-10 game.

End of the first quarter

Starting off their drive at Iowa's 34-yard line, the Buckeyes are once again kept out of the endzone by the Hawkeyes' defense.

Noah Ruggles' third field goal of the night boosts their lead to 16-7 over Iowa and ends the first quarter.

2:24/Q1 – Iowa's aggressiveness on special teams backfires

After yet another three and out by the offense, it seemed like Iowa was going to line up for a routine punt.

Instead, punter Tory Taylor attempted to take matters into his own hands (or legs rather) and tries to run for the first down.

However, he is stopped two yards short of the line to gain, giving Ohio State the ball in Iowa territory for the third time tonight.

4:30/Q1 – Buckeyes' held to another field goal despite great field position

Similar to their opening drive, Ohio State is unable to capitalize on great field position and has to settle for a field goal.

This time, it is a 41-yard field goal by Noah Ruggles to give his team the 13-7 lead.

6:40/Q1 – Iowa commits their second turnover of the game

In need of a big play on 3rd and 5, Spencer Petras instead is strip-sacked by Ohio State's Zach Harrison. The fumble is recovered by Lathan Ransom to give the ball back to the Buckeyes.

For the second time today, they will have a drive start in Iowa territory.

8:15/Q1 – Ohio State bounces back from their turnover

After Iowa's defense scored their third touchdown of the season, Ohio State scored their first touchdown against them today.

The 10-play drive went for 75 yards and was capped off by a two-yard touchdown run by Miyan Williams.

On the drive, C.J. Stroud was 4-4 on the drive with 47 yards.

They lead 10-7.

13:00/Q1 – Iowa's defense sets the tone early

Just like Iowa did on their first drive, Ohio State has committed a turnover on their first play of the series. However, this one was a bit more costly.

After Hawkeyes' defensive lineman Joe Evans crashes through the offensive line for a sack on C.J. Stroud, he recovers the quarterback's fumble and returns it for an 11-yard touchdown.

They have taken the 7-3 lead.

13:07/Q1 – Iowa has their first punt of the night

The Hawkeyes go three and out on their second drive of the night. This comes after two incomplete passes and a three-yard run by Kaleb Johnson.

That prompted Tory Taylor to come onto the field, where he had a 48-yard punt which was fair caught by Ohio State at their 24-yard line.

14:02/Q1 – Ohio State scores a field goal on their first drive

Despite their great field position to open the game, the Buckeyes could muster just one yard, leading to a 46-yard field goal by Noah Ruggles to give them the 3-0 lead.

14:46/Q1 – Iowa's first drive begins and ends with an interception

Looking in the direction of his tight end Sam LaPorta, Spencer Petras pass is intercepted by Ohio State's safety Tanner McCalister, which he returns for 10 yards.

The Buckeyes' drive will start at Iowa's 29-yard line.

15:00/Q1 – Iowa wins the coin toss

The Hawkeyes won the opening coin toss and elected to receive. Their first drive of the night will begin at their own 32-yard line after an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty was called on Ohio State.

10:33 a.m. – Iowa's starting offensive line

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