Hawk Central newsletter: Yeah, that was painful. ... But hey, it's a new week!

Zack Creglow
Hawk Central

Well, it was interesting, to say the least. 

Painful, yes. 

But you can't say Iowa's football team ... and Nate Stanley ... didn't give it a good run at Wisconsin this year.

If you receive this newsletter, we can assume you are aware how this movie ended.

But for those three people who aren't — Iowa's Nate Stanley was stopped about three millimeters short on a pivotal two-point conversion attempt late against Wisconsin in a 24-22 loss for the Hawkeyes. 

It effectively took the Hawkeyes out of the Big Ten West race. 

OK, enough of that ... 

A new week awaits, including a key early season test for the Iowa men's basketball team.

Here's the latest review from the weekend and what lies ahead in this edition of the Hawk Central newsletter: