Takeaways from every Iowa, ISU, UNI medal match at the national championships

Cody Goodwin
Hawk Central

PITTSBURGH, Penn. — Here’s a rundown of results from the Iowa, Iowa State and Northern Iowa wrestling teams from Session 5 of the 2019 NCAA Championships at PPG Paints Arena. The finals begin at 7 p.m. (6 p.m. CT) and will be broadcast live on ESPN.

Team Scores after Session 5

1. Penn State, 123.5
2. Ohio State, 96.5
3. Oklahoma State, 84
4. Iowa, 72
5. Michigan, 62.5
14. Northern Iowa, 36.5
16. Iowa State, 32


The Hawkeyes finished the tournament with six All-Americans, and five wrestled during Saturday’s early session. In the process, Iowa wrapped up fourth place in the team race — its 11th NCAA trophy in 13 years under head coach Tom Brands.


133: No. 5 Luke Pletcher (Ohio State) dec. No. 7 Austin DeSanto, 7-6

Great match with some weird calls. DeSanto scored a takedown in the first and led 5-3 in the third after forcing Pletcher into three stall calls. DeSanto himself was hit for stalling for shooting Pletcher out on the edge, which was a little odd, but Pletcher scored two takedowns in the third period, including one with 17 seconds left to win, sending DeSanto to the 5th-place match.

157: No. 4 Alec Pantaleo (Michigan) dec. No. 6 Kaleb Young, 6-2

After a scoreless first, Pantaleo scored takedowns in the second and third, helping him secure riding time in the process. Stylistically, he’s a tough matchup for Young, and technically, his defense was on point, attacking Young’s hands while also sprawling during his shots. Young drops to the 5th-place match.

5th-Place Matches

133: No. 7 Austin DeSanto dec. No. 8 John Erneste (Missouri), 11-6

DeSanto had five takedowns here to cap a stellar first season with the Hawkeyes, including a crucial one at the end of the second period to break a 4-4 tie. He piled on two more in the third period to finish 5th.

157: No. 6 Kaleb Young dec. No. 3 Ryan Deakin (Northwestern), 7-5 (SV1)

Young secures his second win over Deakin in as many days — and it followed the same script. Young had takedowns in the first and third period, but Deakin scored one of his own in the second to help force overtime. There, Young again scored on a re-shot, cutting across for a double and the win. Young finishes 5th.

7th-Place Matches

149: No. 8 Jarrett Degen (Iowa State) dec. No. 10 Pat Lugo, 11-9

Another wild matchup between these two guys. Lugo led 6-2 after two takedowns and two backs in the first period, but Degen fought back to tie it 8-8 after a takedown and reversal exchange. In the third, Lugo escaped for a 9-8 lead, then Degen fought off a Lugo shot and scored a takedown to help him secure riding time. Degen finishes 7th, Lugo 8th.

165: No. 1 Alex Marinelli dec. No. 11 Bryce Steiert (Northern Iowa), 9-3

Workmanlike match from Marinelli. He scored a takedown and two backs off a quick turn in the first, then added an escape after a Steiert reversal for a 5-2 lead. Marinelli scored another takedown and added riding time in the third. He finishes 7th, Steiert 8th.

197: No. 5 Jacob Warner dec. No. 9 Ben Honis (Cornell), 8-4

Excellent finish by Warner to an All-American season. Takedown in the first, then a crucial reversal in the second after giving up an escape and a takedown. Warner tacked on another takedown in the third to help secure riding time. He finishes 7th.



197: No. 3 Preston Weigel (Oklahoma State) over No. 6 Willie Miklus by fall, 2-10

Two weeks ago, Weigel beat Miklus by a 12-0 major decision in the finals of the Big 12 Championships. On Saturday, Weigel scored a takedown and turned Miklus for the first-period fall. Miklus came up holding his right shoulder, falling to the 5th-place match.

5th-Place Match

197: No. 16 Josh Hokit (Fresno State) dec. No. 6 Willie Miklus, 7-2 (TB1)

A slow-paced match with a wild ending. Both guys got in on shots in regulation, but failed to finish. Miklus escaped for a 2-1 lead in the first 30 seconds of the first tiebreaker, then Hokit rolled into a headlock for a reversal and four backs to win. Miklus finishes 6th and caps his stellar collegiate career as a four-time All-American.

7th-Place Match

149: No. 8 Jarrett Degen dec. Pat Lugo (Iowa), 11-9

Second time this season that Degen has beaten Lugo, and it followed a similar script, as he adjusted to Lugo’s offense throughout the match and used his funk and length to score two takedowns and reversal. Degen finishes 7th, Lugo 8th.


7th-Place Match

165: No. 1 Alex Marinelli (Iowa) dec. No. 11 Bryce Steiert, 9-3

Tough matchup for Steiert, but he responded to an early hole by scoring a reversal late in the first. That was mostly all the offense he could muster, though, as Marinelli escaped in the second and defended well against a handful of Steiert’s shots. Marinelli finishes 7th, Steiert 8th.

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