Iowa wrestling coach Tom Brands recaps the Hawkeyes' 19-17 win over Penn State. Hawk Central


IOWA CITY, Ia. — Second-ranked Austin DeSanto is unlikely to travel to Iowa's Sunday dual at Michigan State, head coach Tom Brands said Friday after the 133-pounder suffered what appeared to be a painful knee injury during the Hawkeyes' 19-17 win against Penn State.

Beyond that, Brands didn't have specific updates about the seriousness of DeSanto's injury that occurred in  his bout against No. 3 Roman Bravo-Young.

“I don’t get too worked up about this stuff until we know a lot more," Brands said. "That’s where I’m at now.”

DeSanto was lying flat on his back in anguish in the first period after an early scramble. The high-octane junior tried to continue but ultimately looked over at his coaches and said, “I can’t go.” The match was a medical forfeit, worth six team points for Penn State.

Brands later said Paul Glynn would replace him at 133 on the trip to Michigan State. It could be seen as good news that DeSanto rejoined his teammates mat side late in the dual. He was not wearing any protective wrap or brace around his knee, but he was limping.

“I don’t know how much he’s been injured like this," Brands said. "I think he maybe could have handled that a little bit differently, being calmer on the mat.

“I think if we could have gotten him calmed down a little bit, we could have gotten back in that match."

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