Josh Rosen trade report: Good teams contacting Arizona Cardinals about quarterback

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Fox Sports Radio's Colin Cowherd added some heat to the burning topic of the Arizona Cardinals possibly trading quarterback Josh Rosen on his radio show on Monday.

Cowherd contends that people he trusts have told him that good teams with a veteran quarterback are interested in acquiring Rosen.

Speculation has run rampant as of late that Arizona could draft quarterback Kyler Murray with the No. 1 pick in the 2019 NFL draft, which would free up the team to trade the former UCLA quarterback after just one season in Arizona.

Arizona traded up to draft Rosen with the No. 10 pick last year.

"I've had two people I trust say they have called the Arizona Cardinals on Josh Rosen," Cowherd said on the show. "There is league interest in Josh Rosen. Arizona, I'm told, wants more for Josh Rosen, but there is a sense around the NFL I am told, people are interested in Josh Rosen of Arizona ...

"Arizona is aware of the interest, but is driving a hard bargain, if indeed you want him. They like Josh Rosen ... they are not giving him away, but the story I have learned in the last 72 hours is Josh Rosen is being discussed by teams in this league ...

"The teams I have heard that are interested in Josh Rosen are all good teams. They are good teams who would use him eventually as the starter ... they think he needs to develop ... Teams that are good teams with an older quarterback, they want Rosen to come in, learn. There's multiple teams interested in Rosen, it is all teams, I've been told, with an aging veteran quarterback. 

"It's people that think he needs to come in house, learn how to be a leader, watch a respected leader, that is what I am hearing."

Speculation has linked Rosen to several NFL teams over the past couple of weeks, including the New England Patriots, who would fit the description laid out by Cowherd.

Tom Brady is getting up there in years (41) and the Super Bowl-winning Patriots are definitely a good team. 

The New York Giants have also been connected to Rosen as of late and they have an aging quarterback in Eli Manning. However, after going 5-11 last season, New York doesn't exactly fall under the category of "good" NFL team.

What other NFL teams could fit Cowherd's criteria?

The Los Angeles Chargers? They went 12-4 last season and Philip Rivers is 37.

The Pittsburgh Steelers? They were 9-6-1 last season and Ben Roethlisberger is 37.

The New Orleans Saints? Drew Brees is 40 years old and his team was 13-3 in 2018.

What about the Green Bay Packers? Aaron Rodgers is 35 and although they were 6-9-1 last season, they always have high expectations.

Could Josh Rosen learn behind Aaron Rodgers on the Green Bay Packers, like Rodgers learned behind Brett Favre?

More Josh Rosen trade chatter

CBS Sports' Will Brinson, in his latest NFL mock draft, has Arizona drafting Kyler Murray and trading Josh Rosen to the Giants.

He wrote of the trade: "Give up a second-round pick to the Cardinals to make everyone's life easier. The Giants move Rosen out of Arizona, land themselves a successor to Eli Manning, don't pay too much for him, get the Cards enough value that they can feel good about this and open them up to take the apple of their eye, one Kyler Murray. It's a win-win-win-win all around."'s Albert Breer addressed how teams were preparing to possibly trade for Rosen.

He wrote "Teams are still in the dark on the availability of Cardinals QB Josh Rosen. But I’m told that’s not stopping them from getting their ducks in a row, with guys who’ve worked with Rosen over the last few years fielding phone calls and having discussions with intrigued teams gathering background. If you want to see the real-life application of the perception that Kyler Murray is Arizona-bound, there you have it."

Empire Sports Media's Alexander Wilson wrote about the pros and cons of the Giants trading for Rosen.

He wrote: "Some believe that a second-rounder would do the trick, others have indicated that Arizona needs a first-rounder in return. The Giants have the No. 17 pick in the draft which could be enticing as a trading piece, but general manager Dave Gettleman would be smart to stick to a second-rounder as his final offer."'s Art Stapleton wrote about why Josh Rosen is the best option for Giants as Eli Manning's successor

He wrote: "Josh Rosen is the guy the Giants should covet, especially if they want to win while building - Gettleman's mantra to dispel the notion that a franchise must either break everything down or go for it, and that anything in the middle is a cop out. No one knows if the Arizona Cardinals will indeed follow through and draft Heisman Trophy winner Kyler Murray with the No. 1 overall pick, but if they do, it's believed the organization will then look to deal Rosen, whom they picked No. 10 overall last year. If that scenario plays out, Gettleman needs to make the deal."

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